UST Closures


UST Closures

Due to the inherent risk of contaminant release to the subsurface of a property, underground storage tanks (USTs) and associated piping and dispensers represent a significant environmental liability. For decades, USTs have been utilized to store petroleum-based fuels (gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, heating oil), hazardous liquids (solvents, etc.) and waste materials. Due to widespread use and propensity for leakage, USTs are considered a significant risk to tank owners/operators, as well as prospective property buyers that may be unaware of abandoned and undocumented USTs.

GRI provides comprehensive underground storage tank (UST) closure services within the Southeast.  We are experienced in removal of large commercial tanks and small heating oil tanks.  We conduct closure by removal and also closure-in-place.

The installation, operation, closure and removal of USTs are regulated by federal law under 40 CFR Part 280-282. In NC, SC, VA and GA, USTs are also regulated at the state level:

  • North Carolina’s  UST regulations are enforced by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, NCDEQ UST Regulations
  • South Carolina’s UST regulations are enforced by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC), SCDHEC UST Regulations   
  • Virginia’s UST regulations are enforced by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VADEQ), VADEQ UST Regulations
  • Georgia’s UST regulations are enforced by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GAEPD),GAEPD UST Regulations
UST Closures

Our services include the following:

  • State and local permits
  • Removal of residual product and sludge
  • UST location services
  • Tank purging & Inerting/removal of explosive vapors
  • Tank removal and disposal
  • Contaminated soil and water disposal
  • Closure-in-place with inert material (foam, slurry)
  • Tank basin dewatering
  • Soil and groundwater sampling
  • Sealed professional reports (P.E., P.G.)
  • Site  demolition and restoration
  • Applicable Trust Fund reimbursement

Why GRI?

GRI can provide and coordinate all necessary permitting, excavation equipment, product removal and disposal, and environmental sampling. Our services also include preparation of all required reports and submittal to the regulatory agency. Regulated removal and closure of UST systems can be a lengthy and costly process. GRI’s experience and expertise can help reduce cost while ensuring compliance. In the past 5 years, GRI has conducted UST closures at approximately 100 sites. GRI conducted 26 of those closures in 2017 alone.

We have been using Geological Resources exclusively for over 12 years for all of our environmental needs. GRI’s staff always brings a common sense and cost effective approach to any issue we have ever had and they work extensively to find a solution that meets or exceeds State and/or Federal regulations. Once the GRI staff identifies the issue they do an excellent job at designing an efficient, workable plan to handle the issue and work as quick as possible to get the issue rectified. GRI has always been very transparent and upfront about any work they have ever done for us and I think their track record of repeat business speaks to that. I would highly recommend anyone that appreciates dealing with a company with high integrity that will work hard to find the most cost effective solutions possible to give Geological Resources, Inc. a chance to earn their business!

-Oil and Gas Distributer
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