Site Checks


Site Checks

An environmental site check is a set of site-specific activities mandated by government regulations to identify a site’s potential release of contaminants and their sources. The purpose of an environmental site check is to make an initial determination of the presence of soil and groundwater contaminants around potential source areas. The identification of soil and/or groundwater contamination typically triggers the requirement for more extensive assessment.  

A site check is required if a release from a regulated UST system has been suspected or confirmed, at the site or nearby, by the presence of the regulated substance as free product, dissolved product, or vapor detected in soils, sewer and utility lines, surface water or groundwater.

GRI can assist with the site check and help you comply with the regulations necessary to stay in compliance.

Site Checks

Site check activities are required of owners and operators of UST systems in any of the following:

  • Evidence of a release is present at the UST site or is found off-site and may be related to a release at the UST site
  • Tightness test results for the UST system do not indicate that a leak exists, but environmental contamination indicates that a release from the UST system may have occurred
  • The applied method of leak detection indicates a suspected release and a follow-up tightness test confirms that result
  • A spill or overfill of a regulated substance has occurred

Why GRI?

GRI has completed over 450 site checks and our expertise can help you comply with the regulations and get it completed on time.

I have been working with GRI on a regular basis during the past year. They provided advice, as well as options to resolve an issue that would save the customer and bank time and money. Because they are accessible, price competitive and deliver personalized service, I will continue to work with GRI.

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