Emergency Spill Response Management


Emergency Spill Response Management

Spills of petroleum products occur daily due to traffic accidents, overfilling tanks during fuel delivery or citizens driving off without removing the nozzle from their automobile. GRI has a staff of trained emergency responders and maintains a company employee manned 24-hour, 7 day a week emergency spill response hotline (866-744-5220). The key in any emergency response situation is to clearly identify and abate the source, minimize the environmental impact and control costs.

This approach allows us to save the responsible party and insurance companies considerable sums of money.

Emergency Spill Response Management

Our responders do the following:

  • Directly supervise and negotiate the rates of the abatement contractors  
  • Direct the workscope at each project
  • Conduct the sampling
  • Manifest the waste streams
  • Interface with the regulatory agencies
  • Write and seal the technical reports
  • Review and correlate all subcontractor invoices
  • Detail all equipment activities

Why GRI?

GRI can help the responsible party save a considerable amount of money by giving their insurance company a reserve number that has industry standard clean-up rates. GRI has responded to and managed the cleanup at over 150 sites.

Working with GRI has been an ease for me when we have site remediation issues at one of our locations. I can count on them to handle it efficiently without having to micro manage the entire process. GRI will help you navigate the issues you will face dealing with state regulations once you initiate a cleanup effort and their costs are reasonable. At each instance there will always be issues that crop up during the project and GRI can provide excellent guidance to you from start to finish.

-Convenience Store Owner
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