Former Sears, Roebuck and Company

Former retail location targeted to be redeveloped as part of a larger sports and entertainment area. GRI provided assessment and consulting services, including the removal of multiple underground storage tanks as well as the removal of 142.51 tons of petroleum contaminated soil.

Former Sears, Roebuck and Company to be redeveloped.

Geological Resources, Inc. (GRI) was contracted by a municipality to provide assessment and consulting services on a group of properties targeted to be remediated then redeveloped as part of a sports and entertainment area.  One of these properties is a former retail store with a former petroleum retail facility and vehicle service garage.  The site is located within city limits in a zoned urban mixed use district.  Municipal water is available to the site and adjacent properties.  

According to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) Registered Tank Report, two 7,500-gallon gasoline Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) located at the site were permanently closed over thirty years ago.  However, during building demolition, the USTs were found to be closed in place.  GRI removed the two 8,000-gallon gasoline USTs from the site.  

Based on field observations, limited over-excavation activities were conducted in the UST basin following removal.  No free product was observed during site activities.  A total of 142.51 tons of petroleum contaminated soil was excavated and transported to a permitted disposal facility. During UST removal activities, soil samples were collected from beneath the gasoline USTs and soil stockpile.  Concentrations of TPH-GRO that exceeded the RALs were reported in one soil sample, as well as one collected from the stockpiled soil.  Confirmation soil samples were collected from the base of the UST basins.  Reported concentrations did not exceed the soil-to-water MCCs.  

Based on these results, the limited release at the UST basins was removed during initial abatement activities and GRI did not recommend any additional assessment for this site.