Oil Distributor's Office and Bulk Plant

At the site of an oil distributor's office and bulk plant, a release was reported and GRI was contracted to obtain a No Further Action status for the incident. GRI performed a comprehensive sampling event, and based on these results, further recommended that two water supply wells be abandoned to lower the risk of the site.

Site closure by changing risk status.

In 1991, a release was reported at the site during removal of one (1) 10,000-gallon gasoline Underground Storage Tank (UST), one (1) 5,000-gallon gasoline UST, and one (1) 2,000-gallon diesel UST.  Site activities conducted by previous consultants included installation of 15 monitoring wells, two recovery wells, one telescoping well, a remediation system and associated equipment.  The incident had a high risk classification due to the presence of multiple water supply wells within 1,500 feet of the site.

Geological Resources, Inc. (GRI) was contracted by the responsible party and asked to investigate the plausibility of obtaining a No Further Action status for the incident. Based on a file review conducted by GRI, the latest receptor survey update performed by the previous consultant identified six water supply wells within 1,500 feet of the site.  Of the six water supply wells identified, only two water supply wells (WW-1 and WW-2) within 1,000 feet of the site were identified as being used for drinking purposes.  GRI recommended a comprehensive sampling event to determine if contamination exceeded the Gross Contamination Levels (GCLs) and to connect the properties with the potable water supply wells to municipal water to lower the risk of the incident.

GRI conducted a sampling event at the site and analyses of the collected ground water samples reported detectable concentrations of contaminants of concern below the GCLs.  Although the plume was not completely defined in one direction, GRI recommended that the two water supply wells within 1,000 feet be abandoned and the properties connected to municipal water and subsequently lower the risk of the site.

GRI obtained agreements from the owners of the two potable wells.  The water connections were completed to each property and the water supply wells were abandoned.  The Notice of Residual Petroleum (NRP) was completed and the incident was given a No Further Action (NFA) status.