Vacant Property Assessment

In the process of addressing a surface petroleum release, GRI discovered inconsistencies in previous surveying data that indicated that ground water flow had been incorrectly interpreted for years by multiple contractors. GRI identified the source of the contamination, obtained a Brownfields designation for the site, and successfully helped the client turn their property into valuable real estate.

Corrective action by GRI transforms surface petroleum contamination into valuable real estate.

Geological Resources, Inc. (GRI) was contracted to review multiple assessment reports associated with a surface petroleum release at a site in the Charleston, South Carolina area. The property sat idle for many years and could not be successfully conveyed due to high levels of petroleum contamination. The site did not qualify for any Underground Storage Tank (UST) Trust Fund coverage or insurance coverage.

Corrective action activities to remove petroleum contaminated ground water had been proposed by another environmental firm at a cost of more than $200,000

During data correlation, GRI noted that inconsistencies in surveying data attributed to multiple contractors working on the assessment proved that ground water flow at the site had been incorrectly interpreted for years. A major contribution to the ground water contamination was emanating from an off-site source.

GRI obtained a Brownfields designation for the site. Brownfields activities included completion of an All Appropriate Inquiry investigation, preparation of a Brownfields application, preparation and negotiation of a Corrective Measures Plan (CMP), preparation of a site specific Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), vapor intrusion analysis, soil and ground water quality data collection and analysis, survey of the site and off-site source area, and identification and protection of utility receptors including water, sewer and telephone lines and vaults. 

Total project costs were less than $75,000. GRI was successful in helping our client turn their property into valuable real estate and also save them over $125,000.