Former Suzuki Dealership Assessment

At the site of a former Suzuki dealership, GRI was asked to perform a Preliminary Environmental Assessment of the site. In doing so, they greatly reduced the costs and scope of work for implementation of the EMP and minimized the costs of remediation.

Former Suzuki dealership assessment reduces costs of remediation.

One of our clients, a real estate development firm, was looking to turn a former automotive dealership into a Brownfields project they could develop.  They asked Geological Resources, Inc. (GRI) to conduct a Preliminary Environmental Assessment at the site. The site was contaminated with petroleum and chlorinated compounds from on-site and off-site sources.  

The purpose of this Preliminary Environmental Assessment was to further characterize potential environmental concerns prior to site demolition so any concerns could be resolved during the Brownfields process.  

GRI’s work included a subsurface geophysical investigation, soil and ground water assessment, vapor encroachment evaluation, asbestos inspection, supervision of hydraulic lift removal, abatement and creation of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP).  

Following GRI’s assessment and proposed engineering controls, we were able to greatly reduce the costs and scope of work for implementation of the EMP at the site and minimize the costs of remediation.  

The property was redeveloped as a commercial retail center.